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A network of experts

The diversity of backgrounds, culture, experience and skills of each member on the ADINVEST Network platform is a major asset, offering a tremendous wealth and a wide range of possible solutions for each project!

A diversity of skills and experience.

The ADINVEST Network methodology combined with the strength of the community and the qualification of our members at entry guarantees a high level of competence for each professional project supported.

An added value

ADINVEST International has developed a European certification training “the European Certified Business Mentor by integrating cultures”. This certification is referenced in the ISO 17024 standard.

It is today the only European reference in this business qualification.

You will find all the information about this training and certification on the following website


Interacting with a diversity of skills and experience

The new tools offer you the possibility to reach more competences, more resources, faster, further, and better targeted.

Play the synergy and access your networks’ networks.

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