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Who are we?

For 15 years, in France and internationally, we have been developing a network dedicated to business in the private and public sectors. This network is made up of business professionals and is managed on a secure digital platform.  

We offer to the SME owners, by our process of study and selection of the projects, the means and the resources to achieve their objectives.

Our international network is composed of country referents, recognized professional competencies from private and public actors, finance professionals, federations and associations or professional groups, research and innovation institutes…

Our network allows us to quickly measure with precision the potential of a request, whether it is financial , expansion in new markets, search for partners, digital solutions…

Our digital platform, highly CSR oriented,  allows us to accelerate contacts, optimize resources and travel in the best possible conditions… A virtue that is most appreciable for the productivity of everyone and especially in the context of the new challenges facing our planet.

Our concept

Create links between networks and partners
Share and exploit information
Implement projects


The ADINVEST Network community considers the ambitions, challenges and various problems of SME owners, professional project leaders, local authorities and globally of all economic actors of a territory.


A space of exchange of business opportunities


Recognized professionals with proven know-how


Members with various and complementary backgrounds


Integration of multicultural dimensions


Our expertise

Search for financing

Equity, debt, grants, European funds

Search for partners

Industrials, professions, distributors, investors

Export market

Qualification of products and new markets, search for new customer networks


Improve performance, industrialize processes, better manage and valorize data

Country implementation

Target country research, market analysis, location

External growth

Group strategy, complementary know-how or product range, search for new customer networks, geographical establishment.

Cession transfer

Change of professional orientation, cessation of activity, realization of profits

Our methodology

Proven and refined over the years, ADINVEST Network’s methodology guarantees a perfect understanding of each situation, a “tailor-made” systemic approach to your structure and the mobilization of the right resources at the right time for your project.

Through this innovative approach, each point is analyzed and challenged, each potential situation is identified and “un-risked”.

In the end, a solution is proposed in the concrete context of the realization of the requested project.

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