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Qualifying your project

Explain in a few words your project, your objective, your expectations. The more precise and concrete they are, the more relevant the answers will be to the network.

After completing the form, a qualified member of the network will come back to you within 48 hours to confirm whether or not the network is able to respond to your request.

Within 48 hours, you will have a picture of possible solutions, a very useful perspective to ensure that your projects are implemented in a timely manner thanks to the members of the ADINVEST Network.

Multiple skills

Our network is composed of selected competences to best meet the needs and expectations of submitted projects. They all have a past and a present useful to contribute to the realization of a project.
Thanks to the diversity and background of the network members, multiple solutions can be considered for your projects.

A very qualitative methodology

Our methodology is focused on performance, emergence and transformation. The members of the network meet ethical criteria and a recognized professionalism. Our selection process at the entrance, the thorough study of the submitted files, the selection of the network members are a base and a guarantee of quality throughout the application of our methodology

The platform

We have developed the ADINVEST Network platform in order to give the maximum resources in a single tool for entrepreneurial projects to succeed: 

  • ADINVEST Network selects the international members and networks that are most likely to provide the best solution to a project.

  • ADINVEST Network also allows you to act quickly in order to identify and select the most appropriate members and networks for a project.

  • ADINVEST Network allows the actors of a project to exchange in complete security and confidentiality to co-construct the success of the 333 projects.

A qualitative process

Step by step, ADINVEST Network members bring value to your project.

1. Create your account

Tell us who you are and share your skills

2. Submit your project

Describe shortly your project, the objectives and your expectations.

3. We study the feasibility

Network members are solicited to work on your request

4. You will receive a financial statement

You will receive a proposition based on the possible solutions

5. The project is validated and you access your private space

Your agreement opens a confidential workspace under your control

The methodology

Proven and refined over the years, ADINVEST Network’s methodology guarantees a perfect understanding of each situation, a “tailor-made” systemic approach to your structure and the mobilization of the right resources at the right time for your project. Through this innovative approach, each point is analyzed and challenged


each potential situation is identified and “un-risked”.

In the end, a solution is proposed in the concrete context of the realization of the requested project. More than just providing a simple “deliverable”, the project team that is dedicated to you works with you like a guide walking with you towards “your” summit, in order to avoid the wrong steps and to share with you its “science” and its knowledge of the path taken!

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